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What does Cryptocurrency even mean?

If you’re reasonably conscious you know that cryptocurrency is not a phase – it is here to stay, and it is here to drive a movement of the new financial systems.

A little bold perhaps?

It could be a good time to mention here that in 2018, investor Warren Buffett called Bitcoin "probably rat poison squared." However his company recently placed around $500 million into Nubank, which is a major parent company offering cryptocurrency products.

Reasonable cause to get enthused?

I first came across the name Warren Buffet when I worked for JPMorgan. His name, among many other high net worth investors, remained in the game for the following 10 years of my corporate career, with Goldman Sachs and Bank of New York.

That career, and financial system, is a thing of the past.

The digital asset space doesn't need to be a dark complex abyss of computer matrix scary stuff. It can also be a tool for financial freedom - once your mindset over how it's always been, and how 'risky' the unknown is, shifts.

And that is what this is all about really.

Lack or wealth, is a state of mind.

It is widely believed that trading cryptocurrencies can be a volatile game and involve a high level of risk. Whilst this is true, all financial games are risky without knowledge. Knowledge is power, so it is time to power up and do some research.

There are three pretty simple aspects that make the crypto process work:

- it’s digital,

- it’s decentralised,