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Help yourself to some tips, hacks, meditations, rituals and resources for you to use to develop your every day health, wellness and business. 


Take some time for You 

Get clarity
Align with your Higher Self

Calm Sea

Get Grounded in under 3 minutes

This audio is a super quick guided visualisation, to get you Right Here, Right Now.

Nowhere else. 

Come out of the mind, into the body. Simply Arrive.

Use this to get you focussed on just one thing, or if it's a general mind clutter moment.

Three Self Development steps to your Vision.

Here is an example of how I work with my clients to get clear on their vision, improve focus and finish the things that matter. 


Self development is a daily practice.

You can embody your Vision,

You can refine your balance and Focus,

You can level up Accountability & own it. 

Affirmations cards

Remember when positive affirmations were a trend?

They are still a handy thing to have.

Download this deck and pick one at random.


Save it in a visible place where you will see it often - the mind loves repetition. 

Access your healthy level of mind. 

Micro dose daily. 

Affirmations - Self-presence and Awareness  (Instagram Post) (3).png
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Guided focus session

Declare your space, find your focus.

Here is a free dedicated focus session using the Momentum Dash Pomodoro timer.

Focus is a practice.

Incorporate this into a daily ritual - move forward step by step on the thing that matters to you.

Here you'll find:

- Ten minute guided journey to clear the mind, visualise your future self achieving one task and focus on the positive impact.

- Deep dive 30 minutes of dedicated focus work.

- Reflect on your experience and how it felt to dedicate that time to yourself.

Elemental meditation journey

We are made of earth, air, fire, water & aether.


Through the ages this has been passed.

When we connect with the elements we connect with the divine forces within the body, and without. 

Here is a Guided Invocation journey of the elements. I lead you through the elemental forces within your body. Tuning into this power calms the mind, opens the heart and increases energy and vitality in every day life.

This is simple magic that we can access at any time. 

Rooted in Wellness Ebook

A practical Guide to Vitality through Nature, Presence and Self-Love.

This little book offers suggestions of daily self care practices to boost your life force energy (prana, chi) and wellbeing.

It also encourages you to connect with nature to access simple every day magic. 

Self care and self development are a non negotiable daily practice.

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'Rooted in Wellness'

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Megan Perry - Head of Communication, Sustainable Food

''Clare has a unique and beautiful ability to hold space for others, creating a loving environment for creativity, expression and personal journeys and growth."​


​Jeanne-Marie Aerts - Kinesiologist Reiki Master BFRP

Clare is kind, nurturing, efficient, organised, professional and an absolute pleasure to work with.''

Paul Booker – Chair of Dorset Young Enterprise

‘'A planner, organiser and developer of processes and people, whilst being the most inspirational and fun leader’'​

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