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''Clare is an outstanding individual, compassionate listener. She enables one to explore new areas and new pathways through her listening and superb questions.'' 

Hiten Bhuta - CGS Infotech CEO, author, entrepreneur and community leader.






''I met Clare because I needed someone to help me with my business, to manage various aspects, to brainstorm with me and help me figure out what needed to happen and how. Since then, she has proven to be this and much much more. Not only is she amazing at everything she engages in, she's a bright ray of sunshine in every day. We have coordinated not only everything in my business and continue to do so but she's also joined with me and two other women to create a group container for entrepreneurial women that has allowed us to see her shine in so many new ways and impact others so powerfully. I simply cannot imagine my life without Clare in it. Even as I type this, I know I cannot put her into words that fully express who she is and what she offers the world. She just IS and is always BECOMING more.''

Angela Kristen Taylor - Productive Flow Productivity Coach




''Whether holding a compassionate heart-space, witnessing a soul emerging into its fullness, filling a room with love and spiritual light during meditation, or finding the belief and determination to bring a project to fruition, Clare's years of dedicated service and spiritual practice, and the divine connection she is able to embody, leads me to believe whoever is drawn to working with Clare will receive what they need.''

David Thornbury, Shamanic Practitioner & Workshop Facilitator






‘’I have known Clare for some 8 years now. As a Youth Motivational Mapper, she showed commitment, energy and great ability - she is one of those rare people who always give 100%, as if it were a sacred duty to do so. I admire her resilience, inventiveness and persistence in the business marketplace, which is never easy. For a short while we used Clare as a sub-contractor to do work for us, and she did not disappoint - always reliable, always positive, and always effective. I strongly recommend her in whatever she chooses to do in future.’’

James Sale - Founder of Motivational Maps, Author, Speaker and Feature Writer at The Epoch Times

''Clare has a unique and beautiful ability to hold space for others, creating a loving environment for creativity, expression and personal journeys and growth. During my time at Shekinah Yoga Retreat Centre I always felt at home and with family, always safe and cared for. Much of this was down to Clare and her ability not only to manage a complex retreat space but to also offer conversation, support, friendship and energy that created a truly special place which was so important and even life changing for many people.''

Megan Perry - Head of Communication, Sustainable Food

''I worked with Clare delivering our Manifestation Retreat in Glastonbury, holding space for a residential group. Clare is kind, nurturing, efficient, organised, professional and an absolute pleasure to work with.''

Jeanne-Marie Aerts - Kinesiologist Reiki Master BFRP

‘’As Chair of Young Enterprise Dorset, Clare was the Manager that I knew would achieve targets; a planner, organiser and developer of processes and people, whilst being the most inspirational and fun leader for the young people creating their own business. Clare was always positive and a real team player and helped lead the Teachers in a number of Dorset schools, to execute the Young Enterprise programme with aplomb. I highly recommend Clare as someone you would appreciate in your organisation.’’

Paul Booker – Chair of Dorset Young Enterprise

''Clare gives 100% to whatever project she is involved with. She is motivated, energetic, compassionate and efficient!''


Linda Sale, Artist and MD at Motivational Maps


''We were very blessed to meet Clare whilst she was co-ordinating Gaunts House Summer Gathering.  
We had found ourselves unexpectedly looking for somebody to manage our project, Shekinah Yoga Retreat. 
This was a position that required a very broad range of skills due to it’s managerial complexity and the level of commitment necessary to hold the space for the many guests, visiting workshop facilitators, community members and local visitors.
Clare’s calm, warm, friendly and generally unphased attitude transformed the work into a joy and an inspiring adventure laced with magic.   
Using her current skill base she happily dived into new experiences of learning and quickly developed any new skills necessary to fulfil her role.
She is very personable and appearingly effortless, made all the guests and workshop leaders feel not only welcome, but a part of a place that they would want to return to time and again.  She has a broad holistic perspective and sensitivity when holding space that is inclusive, compassionate and connected and brings the best out in people.''

Elahn Keshava - Founder Shekinashram / Shekinah Yoga Retreat





‘’Competence is good to have but competence plus confidence gives sparkle to any event. In Clare, you'll experience that powerful mix of excellent communication skills fused with a genuine passion for people. The result is a customer experience that is inspiring, energising, and unforgettable.’’

Lex McKee – Boardroom Network Executive Coach, mentor and speaker


''Rare indeed is it one finds an individual who can balance, integrate & co-ordinate the needs of a spiritual organisation with a commercial concern, but in the year or so I was involved with Shekinah Yoga Retreat (in an ancillary capacity) I was able to observe Clare carrying this out with aplomb; taking bookings, juggling with IT, seeing to the needs of guests, retreat attendees, resident staff and volunteers whilst ensuring (or attempting to, given the various  dichotomies inherent) the smooth running of the place and happiness of all concerned.

All the souls involved (including myself) felt valued; listening to others' points of view, including that of her employers, and sensitive to their needs; Clare has the ability to hold a space whilst melting into the background, or coming forward to give words of support & encouragement when needed.

All with irrepressible enthusiasm, great elan and sense of fun, an open heart and mind, and a deep faith and devotion to a spiritual ideal drawn from various traditions that ring true and reflect the path of the heart. With a love of nature and the environment, Clare is no doubt a determined woman who always puts her whole self into whatever project she's associated with.''


Premanand Jyoti - Mahant - in - Residence Kailaspati Sthithal (Shiv Mandir & Spiritual Centre)

''Clare was superb to work with. Super receptive to instruction and went above and beyond the brief. She worked in true partnership and I will absolutely hire Clare again as I progress my project further and need additional research completed. A pleasure personally and professionally!''

Bianca Best - Author, Coach

''I first worked with Clare in the summer of 2018, as Artist in Residence and in-house DJ at Gaunts House Summer Gathering in Dorset. Since then I have come to watch her develop rapidly in competence, direction and expertise. The exciting dynamic that she creates is one of fluid abundance, freedom of expression, consideration, experience and always a lot of fun. This single experience changed my practice in a very positive way. Thank you once again Clare.''

Graeme Sweetapple - Artist~ DJ~ Poet

‘’I worked with Clare on a number of occasions mostly through the Great Exhibition of Boscombe. Initially a festival she initiated that grew into a year round opportunity for all types of creative individuals and groups to connect, support, develop, empower and grow. She also has excellent admin skills, including finance and planning. I enjoyed working with Clare as she could be relied on to have a plan, manage her time and deliver it. I look forward to working with her again in the future.’’


Rosemary Edwards – Artist & Arts consultant



''Clare oozes passion and inspires others in the process. She is highly motivated and gets the job done. Her compassion and creative zeal is so refreshing to see in her work with young people in the community. Truly a pleasure and privilege to work alongside.''

Nigel Martin, Dorset Nursing Supplies

''Clare is a force to be reckoned with. She runs her projects with masses of enthusiasm, efficiently and with huge amounts of energy. She's dedicated and inspirational. Nothing is ever too much trouble and she juggles a million priorities, always delivering and never letting anyone down. In short, she's amazing.''

Carol Butler, Boscombe Town Centre Manager

‘’I worked with Clare at The Old School House Boscombe (Bournemouth 2026) although I had come across her in previous roles. I found her to be enthusiastic, organised, and reliable . It was always good to have her in the building, she has great people skills and a positive can do attitude.’’

Simon Bull - Chief Executive CMT UK, Chief Officer for Bournemouth 2026 Trust

''Clare is an expert in her field! She showed true interest in the project and even helped expand my knowledge in the process. I will certainly be returning with more work in the future!''

Ryan Porter, Astrology and healing Research client.

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