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It feels scattered and unorganised without support.

One to Ones with Clare

Online sessions of unwavering support.

Get clear on where you are, and what you want.

Refine the Vision. 

Implement a system.

Receive dedicated weekly accountability.

I see you, and I’m right here with you, step by step. 

Balancing the Fun

This journey isn't meant to be a chore!

Do you remember Fun and Joy? These are birthright states.

When you shine, your radiance permeates your business and allows your play

and creativity to emerge in every aspect of your life.

This energy is the life force vitality that nourishes the garden to blossom and grow. 

Unfocused yet hungry to develop?

Yep, that happens.


With our days filled with distractions and demands, it's easy to lose sight of our

true purpose.


Overwhelmed and unfocused, genius entrepreneurs &

professionals often struggle to trust their intuition and decisions.

We will implement the tools to get you focussed on your priority. 

Starting but not finishing?

Annoying isn’t it, this life long pattern.


Starting something is so easy, exciting, motivating.. but finishing it can be a whole different story.

This one gets us all. The good news is that we can smash the resistance.

Procrastination, distraction and a lack of self-regulation simply blocks our true potential.

Simple daily structure and ritual is going to train your commitment muscle and bring that vision to life. 

Balancing Personal and Business Growth?

Achieving and defining success without sacrificing your well-being is a challenge.

You want to shine not just in your business but also in your every day life!


You are driving this vessel.

You know a daily practice of self-care, focus, and organisation is the answer. Yet, there is resistance - I know.

I am your accountability buddy & cheer leader. You stay on track, you shine, your business flourishes. 

I'm a certified Mindset and lifestyle self development Coach
here to support you on a path of self-mastery.
Productivity, relationships, finance and personal growth are in harmony – for real.

Tune into your higher self, trust your inner voice and higher guidance.

Holistic Self-Development

I work with you to align your mindset, body, imagination, intuition, and spirit

with your daily life & business practices.

These self enquiry techniques combine ancient principles, deep values, practicality, strategic planning,

and micro-tasking to help you take inspired action and make a meaningful impact in the world.

Find Focus and Flow with these practical tools

During our sessions we will activate a range of self-development tools and self enquiry practices that work for your peak productivity to smash procrastination. 


This self care tool kit is for life.

  • Visioning techniques to get clarity on what you actually want (not 'should')

  • Centering techniques that get you Present and Focussed

  • Self care, self regulation & lifestyle

  • Journalling & mind mapping

  • Realistic Goal setting

  • Micro tasking

  • Strategic Planning & Scheduling

  • Working with your Ultradian Rhythm

  • Time management

  • Pomodoro technique

  • Tactical execution planning

  • Developing Flow state through Mindfulness

  • Leverage from Nature & Ancient Wisdom

  • Biohacks including Consistent lifestyle

  • Physical and spiritual practices

  • Movement

  • Daily rituals

  • Grounding techniques

£144 single session

Consultation with practical takeaways, tools and high level strategy

or £575 monthly package

You will receive

Weekly 1:1 calls.

Accountability check in.

Access to motivational resources & productivity tools. 

I recommend a minimum commitment of three months

to create a trusted catalyst for your embodiment.

Email me to book a chat about your next steps

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