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Distraction + Procrastination = Frustration

Join this

Deep Dive Focus
90-Day Journey

90 days is the sweet spot where 

New Habit becomes Lifestyle.

Own it.

Receive unshakeable motivational support.

Find your flow & build momentum. 

Get shit done. 

'Know Thyself'
In an age of distraction, it is skilled and brave to truly dive into self discovery & development.
To maintain Clarity of your Vision, and
trust your intuition & decision making along a sometimes lonely path.
In this container we will weave Ancient
practices & biohacks into practical every day Grounding and Focus tools.
Deep dive into all of it and create your reality.
With unwavering witnessing, listening and accountability support.

The first

30 Days:

Vision, Clarity and Grounding

  • Gain a crystal-clear vision for your life.

  • Discover the steps to turn your vision into reality.

  • Find your center, balance, and structure.

  • Embrace the energy of your goals and groove into a new reality.

The Journey


60 Days:
Self-Awareness and Growth
  • Experience the rewards of self-commitment.

  • Boost your confidence and decision-making capabilities.

  • Trust your intuition and stay laser-focused on your path.

  • Start to master time management, accountability and celebrate progress weekly.

90 Days:


Sustainable Transformation
  • Witness a complete mindset shift - for keeps.

  • Find emotional balance, and react less to triggers.

  • Feel lighter and more enthusiastic about life.

  • Trust your intuition, seize opportunities, and confidently say 'yes.'

Clare Belmonet 90 day journey

The Vehicle

Weekly one-on-one coaching sessions.

Unwavering support in self-care, focus, organisation.

Accountability check ins.

Access to productivity tools, hacks and motivation. 

  • Visioning techniques to get clarity on what you actually want (not 'should')

  • Centering techniques that get you Present and Focussed

  • Self care, self regulation & lifestyle

  • Journalling & mind mapping

  • Realistic Goal setting

  • Micro tasking

  • Strategic Planning & Scheduling

  • Working with your Ultradian Rhythm

  • Time management

  • Pomodoro technique

  • Tactical execution planning

  • Developing Flow state through Mindfulness

  • Leverage from Nature & Ancient Wisdom

  • Biohacks including Consistent lifestyle

  • Physical and spiritual practices

  • Movement

  • Daily rituals

  • Grounding techniques

Be inspired, motivated, and empowered to achieve
lasting transformation.

‘’Clare enables one to explore new areas and new pathways through her listening and superb questions.’’

£2222 for a three month dedicated container

(pay in one, two or three)

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