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I live a well lived life


I want to fully encourage your well lived life too.

I always knew there was more to life than a rinse & repeat program, and I always knew a well lived life happens on my terms - it is not derailed by the influence of others - you know that too.


Magic and miracles are a standard part of my life, yet so is uncompromised focus and productivity -

and if I can, you can.







My vibrant career path once had me enthusiastically striding through the city in heels, with an exuberant high end corporate leadership career with investment banking giants JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs. I embraced this dynamic environment for many years...... but my soul needed more.

So I took a risk and answered the calling.

I walked away and followed my heart. 

The call carried me to Young Enterprise and The Princes Trust, where I began my freelance journey mentoring young people in business start up, think tank and ingenious events. I became inspired to launch my own social enterprise, and created conscious co-working communities, imaginative spaces, vibrant events and nurturing retreats in honour and service to the exceptional people I met. Always loving to see a person in their free and full authentic expression - beautiful!

Early days..

My early years were paved with trauma, chaos and suffering, it's not a new story for our society. My parents battled addiction and mental health issues in poverty with no support. They did all they could with the tools they had and I am blessed to be at peace with my past, through endless on going forgiveness, compassion, therapy and self parenting. My teens and twenties were a subsequent high risk experiment. I was depressed, anxious, I was a chaotic emotional mess. I had to change it. I couldn't be a victim of a rough childhood.. that wasn't all for nothing.


I learned how to listen. To my inner voice, higher self, to my heart. Then took the leap into the void for the odyssey of the spirit. To explore my passions and purpose.


I found self care practices, dived into ritual and ceremony, devoured and devoted decades to self development and my passion for mystery school and esoteric wisdom. I had always known of a guiding force greater than 'me', and I have been blessed with great teachers.



I KNEW I had a purpose to serve and went deep into the inner planes of self discovery to change my life and create a career and lifestyle that made me happy. Because I realised that was my right. That joy and fun were not what 'other people' had - they were up to me.

My story gifted me with boundless empathy & compassion to identify deeply with the debilitating effects of trauma and consequential profound post traumatic breakthrough healing.

How do we break free?

A choice. A commitment to myself.

Humans are resourceful, capable and powerful. If I can, anyone can. 

My eager academic brain and travel wanderlust animate me to continually study scripture, philosophy and culture. I am always learning, shedding layers, developing. Driven and inspired by human potential. What are we REALLY capable of? How much power do we really hold?

I am a continued Mystery School Scholar and self development devotee. I see myself as having 'a foot in both worlds', meaning I incorporate spiritual practices, subtle body awareness and lightness into practical daily life and business. I have the grounding and experience to organise, micro task and smash procratination and distraction.

We are here to build it to a higher level together. 

Oh yeah - and let's make it fun!

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