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You and I know there is more to life than

distraction & procrastination.


I don't claim to have it all sussed, it's not about perfection - it's about practice.

That's why I dedicate my life to self development and self enquiry, and why I'm a qualified mindset coach.

Rooted in strong spiritual and holistic wellness practices and biohacks daily to create the wholesome, fulfilled, balanced life I dreamed of - I support you to do the same. 

I'm driven by Purpose - I'm not constantly distracted by external influence. It took a lot of practice.

Synchronicity, flow, magic and miracles are common in my life, yet so is uncompromised focus and productivity 

..if I can, you can.

I had a Corporate Leadership career with investment banking giants JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs.

My soul needed more, and my health was screaming at me because of it. 

High functioning anxiety, underlying depression, caffeine addiction and terrible sleep patterns. I was multi tasking, rushing, frustrated, angry, crawling in my skin to escape. Distracted and restless. Projecting my emotion. 

I wasn't really conscious or present in my thoughts or actions. I knew there was a higher level of living. 

So I took a risk and answered the calling to change. I got clear vision on what I really wanted.

I walked away and followed my intuitive heart.. step by step. 











I always had a passion to support others with their personal and business growth & development. So I kicked off a freelance career with Young Enterprise and The Princes Trust, mentoring Start up, Incubation, co-working communities,

vibrant events and nurturing retreats. 

Through therapy and coaching I learned how to listen to my inner voice, higher self, heart. 

I rediscovered Self Sovereignty and Discipline, and learned to self regulate my emotions - and career and business. 

I trained my distracted mind to focus, through simple daily practice techniques.



How do we break free from the conditioning that holds us back?

A holistic choice. A commitment. A  journey of self inquiry.
















Humans are resourceful, capable and powerful. If I can, anyone can. 

To satisfy my eager academic brain I dive deep into Positive Psychology, Human Habits, Mindset, Behaviour, &  Potential.

Sacred Texts and philosophy. I'm always learning.

What are we REALLY capable of? How much power do we really hold?

That excites me, especially when I see that potential in You.

I absolutely love to collaborate with people like you and bring your incredible ideas into the world, into Life. 

Because I know you influence others - so together the ripple effect is huge. 



In addition to decades of Corporate Leadership training with Goldman Sachs London and JPMorgan,

I'm a certified Mindset and Self Development Coach with the ACCPH (Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists & Hypnotherapists), and ICF (International Coaches Federation) where I enjoy a co-hort of fellow coaches to keep me accountable and 

on top of my game in the industry I adore. 



I embrace the digital nomad life I dreamed of, collaborating and co-creating with inspiring people all over the world.

I see myself as having 'a foot in both worlds', blending spiritual practices, subtle body awareness and lightness into my daily life and business to sustain the life I love. I have the grounding and experience to organise, micro task and smash procrastination and distraction, and manifest the things.

I do that with people like you. 




We are here to build it to a higher level together. 

Oh yeah - and let's make it fun!

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