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Journey of the Female Alchemists

So, it’s May already. Yes, May!

Wow April you were epic.

What magic does May have in store?

What limitless opportunities will we discover?

What will we leave behind, and what will we create?

We have been fully embracing Spring here in the Northern hemisphere (give or take the intervals of adverse weather), and our weekly group sessions with our rock star ladies Journey Alchemist Collective crew have been reflecting it, with new ideas, new growth, new beginnings. Nurturing the seeds we have planted together and being accountable and supported ll the way.

The four of us coaches (Clare, Angela, Meena and Rachael) are in full abundance creatrix and ready to launch our free Annual online Week of Transformation – find out more at

April has been full steam ahead with the impulse to take action on our intentions and visions.

We’ve been refining our purpose, getting clearer on our goals, and levelling up the abundance. We are open to receive, and we are certainly seeing the magic manifest in our every day lives.


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