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Hemp is Healing us again

Has anyone else noticed the positive boom in hemp, cannabis and cannabinoid CBD products in the Wellbeing and Spiritual industries and communities?

I’m a massive nature fan. I’m a believer that Mother Nature has everything we need.

I’m of the opinion that certain plants have immense healing properties.

Some, so much so, that they adapt to the needs of our body. They respond with our own nervous system (endocannabinoid – if you know, you know. If you don’t know, research that).

More importantly - they support our system to support itself. That's what their purpose is.

We are connected.

It’s a very ancient story.

As we travel through the cosmos to an Aquarian Age. We

remember again Aquarian values of unity.

For centuries, cannabis and hemp have been held in high regard and reverence, yet the plant has been dubbed as ‘weed’ and became a subject of abuse and controversy within an unfortunately poorly educated society.

We became disconnected from nature. Great medicine teachers tell us this.

We believed in a narrow perspective and forgot that all life on earth is connected.

We forgot how the plant kingdom thrives, survives, and heals. That Mother Nature gives us all we need.

Tarnished with a negative drug culture brush, modern mainstream (for want of a better term) associate cannabis and hemp with illegal and punishable activity. Misuse, abuse. Generally grim connotation.

However, this is some resilient and super tough plant, and she is making a stunning come back.

Who is Mary Jane anyway? Santa Maria, worshipped through the ages and celebrated in ancient temples?

From an etymology perspective, the names Mari and Juana were said to originate in 16th century old time Mexico and Mary Jane and Santa Maria are widely reported to have derived from there. The deity connotations of Santa Maria have been embraced by mystics and spiritual seekers of all nations.