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Freelance Freedom and Frustration

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Life as a freelancer is certainly a dynamic playing field.

Specialising in business and personal development, content writing, and research means that no two days are ever the same.

I manage multiple clients and projects across multiple countries and industries.

I schedule zoom calls, manage project software, create online content. I share ideas and thrive on collaboration. I listen, a lot.

I can work from a cosmopolitan café or my camper van.

I can work in the morning, afternoon or evening.

Anytime, anywhere freelancing means however, that I do have to create some strategic self care and scheduling.

Research and copywrite my inner schedule. Check in on my internal content.

I thought self discipline was an awful concept until I self imposed 14 hour days.

Not healthy - I left that game to the corporate world I walked away from over 10 years ago.

Thanks, but no thanks - I have my own path and passion to follow.

I have freedom and autonomy over my career and my time.

I meet like minded driven professionals from all over the world, who are passionate about their business, and want to expand, evolve and grow. It’s a joy to support them, and hear their stories, goals and their challenges.

Sounds rather glamorous doesn’t it?

Well, it has multiple benefits for someone who is proactive, resilient and tenacious.

The Freelancer's Frustrations

Even for the most patient and resilient entrepreneur, there are moments of anxiety and doubt. We are human after all.

Times when:

- a client promises a contract and then vanishes completely.

- agency commission seems extortionate.

- a client offers a fraction of your hourly rate with a potential for ‘raising your profile’.

- a full day is spent drafting applications and proposals.

- the screen is all I've looked at today.

- you have no idea where the next job is coming from.

- you have no idea how all the jobs will get done.

This is where the ‘walk your talk’ comes in.

This is where the personal spiritual practice and self discipline (call it what you will) and a toolkit of coping mechanisms are essential for us.

These are some of the tools that help me when I hit the freelance crisis moments.

Worry, doubt and stress - not necessary. Not on our watch.

We are made of stronger stuff - let's call that one in shall we?

From Frustration back to Freedom

So, I don’t drink more coffee and martyr my way through a victim state, like I used to.

I’d rather:

- Step away from the screen. Change the scenery

- Get some fresh air

- Move my body (often)

- Take three deep breaths (often)

- Do something totally different

- Get present, right Now

- write a gratitude list

Small, quick shifts can instantly fire up the good hormones. Tell your marvellous mind that you are worthy of a break. No stress here.

Like the boss that you are.

Let the magic of You just come back into the body.

Remember how capable and competent you are. Remember why you have chosen this path.

Remember the bigger picture. You are the CEO.

Raise your vibration, change your perspective.

Let the self belief flood back in, know that you are supported, if your work is in alignment with your inner truth. When you are doing what you love, the universe has a way of making it flow.

Trust the process

Take the time to look up and step back from the story and the ‘what ifs’.

We are creators of our own reality, and we are in this game for a reason.

Identify that reason – the Why am I doing this, and realign with that purpose.

I ask myself ‘What problems do I have right now, in this moment’, and will this perceived drama matter to me next week, next month, next year.

Is the story I am creating in my mind even true? What is fact and what is a perception here?

The answer is almost always – no, it won’t matter. No, it’s not a true story, it’s a fabrication of my marvellous mind. The same marvellous mind that got me into this game and keeps me here.

Reality Check

The reality is that I have much to be grateful for, and many blessings to count. These are first world freelance problems.

Reality checking yourself is a powerful tool in any situation, as is the breath.

Simple, real, absolute presence. Coming back to right here right now.

A micro reset with a few simple strategies brings balance and order back into the moments of chaos.

Anyway, I’d be bored if I wasn’t in a dynamic playing field – they say variety is the spice of life.

I’m celebrating and championing the variety that freelancing brings, and the lessons it teaches me, with all it's frustrations and freedoms.

To my self employed, entrepreneurs, freelancers - we are doing this.

We don't quit (can't really - who do we hand our notice in to?).

The key to success is... keep going.

Our businesses are an extension of our inner world, and how we handle our business is how we handle everything.

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