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Discerning Fear

Fear is holding me back.

Fear is gripping loads of people, all for our own unique intuitive reasons. But it’s here and it’s not going away.

Yes it can be transcended, and we mustn’t wallow in it or allow it to escalate in our minds with made up stories. But sometimes it just needs to be honoured and heard.

Fear is there to protect us after all.

What are we afraid of? Is it true?

The self enquiry highlights a fear that I personally can’t quite identify.. you know the inner niggle that you just can’t shake? A bit lost. It’s one of those, and I know I’m not alone here.

Whilst my inner girl wants to go out and play, my inner mother advises caution.

Not because of the things we are told about a virus or vaxine. I’m pretty stubborn and non conformist so can honestly say that story is not my full or true reality. I care deeply for humanity and feel my purpose in the world is to support others in being their brightest self, to love, honour and serve. I dedicate very little time to mainstream media.

My fear exists because I sense the energy. Subtle forces way beyond our comprehension. Oppression triggers fear of patriarchy and childhood trauma for all of us, whatever we think we believe or know.

Society small talk, judgement, blame, shame, division, scrutiny. I’m certainly not feeling called to stand in a crowd and be cheerful, entertain and debate. The way I used to be amidst hoards of people, soaking it all up and giving it all out, that’s all dissolved. It’s draining and I'm just not feeling it.

There are though – ‘MY’ people.

THEY are the ones I am drawn to be around.

They don’t judge, or expect, or demand. Some of the time they don’t actually want anything.

If they do want something, we discuss our needs, inspire and compromise. We know each other at a soul level and we connect in the physical and intellectual with ease. Our vibration is a match. They just turn up when I put my intention out to find them.

I really believe we are forming our tribes. Whatever polarity society pushes our way, now is the time to be trusting our intuition and showing compassion with each other. That’s our highest version speaking.

I am being guided by my highest self, and that self knows more than I think I do. I am choosing to see who I want, when I want. When it feels right. No pressure. When that inner voice is gently whispering, intuition is the nudge from our higher self, and listening to that is the key to survival and transcendence.

So feeling the fear, that’s good (not easy, but good).

Going ahead and walking through the fear needs our courage and discernment. Could be a really difficult conversation, but honouring our truth is essential.

Transcending the fear when it has been acknowledged, we can totally do that and change the narrative. Call in the love, call in the things that are greater than the fear, and shine it away.

But we can’t skip straight to that bit and avoid it.

For years we have fluffed around the edges and not sat with our own fear. Affirming positive thought is great - if you have sat down with fear first.

We are not going to miraculously get rid of our fear as we become more enlightened. But we do have our growing discernment and expanding consciousness to choose what we do next. If that’s not clear, maybe we just need to tread carefully, go gently and slowly, and accept that this is the pace today.

Self acceptance, self care, self discovery, self awareness and self development – it’s a lot of self yes. But these are selfless not selfish actions. Many of us struggle with that. What about helping others? Yes, but choose wisely because people pleasing and rescuing surface quickly for sensitive people, and there is a big difference between helping people and people pleasing.

When we honour our self first, we honour the collective, we honour those around us. Because when we know ourselves, we know our tribe too. When we tune in with them, then we get things shifting.

So today I celebrate fear, and my toolkit of strategies for living with her. Fear is holding me back today, and I am listening.

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