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Define Your Vision.
Find Your Focus.
Claim Your Vitality. 

Creators, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, fellow Life Enthusiasts:

You're ready to go next level - you know it. We are not meant to do it alone.

So much opportunity - and so much to 'do'.  I hear you!

​Mission drives us.

But external noise creates pressure, impatience, distraction that derail the day.

It's easy to start the things - but finishing them?

It's ok! 

I’m by your side to offer unwavering self development support, 

dissolve old patterns and build new habits.

Self development is a commitment, a daily practice will dissolve procrastination.

Step by Step. 

'Know Thyself'



Self Development is a journey of Self Enquiry. Tuning into Your inner essence, away from the external noise.

I'm a certified mindset and self development coach because I dedicate my life to this stuff. 

The question is.. Who are You, and What do You Want? 

There is more to life than a rinse & repeat program, self sabotage and playing small.

We are here to shine. We are not who we (over) think we are.

Ancient practices and teachings remain alive with good reason.

I have decades of experiernce and a tool kit to keep grounded, focussed, and productive.

I move forward daily with my priority goals & dreams. Manifestation is not a mystery. 

I love to share this to fully encourage YOUR full potential, and those you impact.

I see and amplify your light. 

Magic and miracles are a part of my daily life. So is uncompromised focus, intuition and motivation -


and if I can, you can.

Hiten Bhuta - CGS Infotech CEO, author, entrepreneur & community leader

''Clare is an outstanding individual, compassionate listener. She enables one to explore new areas and new pathways through her listening and superb questions.''


Angela Kristen Taylor - Productive Flow Productivity Coach

‘'I needed someone to help me with my business, to manage various aspects, to brainstorm with me and help me figure out what needed to happen and how. Not only is she amazing at everything she engages in, she's a bright ray of sunshine in every day.’'

David Thornbury, Shamanic Practitioner & Workshop Facilitator

''Clare's years of dedicated service and spiritual practice, and the divine connection she is able to embody, leads me to believe whoever is drawn to working with Clare will receive what they need.''​

One to One

Hungry on the Quest for Growth and looking for clarity and focus?

I offer One to One sessions of unwaverering support and accountability. I’m right with you.

With Bespoke Self-Development tools and practices that fit YOUR life, we prioritise your non-negotiables so you don't just start things that matter - you finish them.

clare belmont self development.jpg

90 day Wellness Journey.

Do you need a dedicated, structured safe 1:1 container to practice all this stuff in?


90 days is the sweet spot of liberation where New Habit becomes Lifestyle.

You will discover simple practical tools to get clear on your vison and laser-focused on the next action steps.

You'll receive weekly unwavering step by step accountability support in self-care, focus and organisation.

You will move forward on the thing that matters most. 



Freelance Consultancy

You are not alone to hit a plateau in your business journey, where growth seems to stall. There are phases of business where this is natural and you now have a choice. To grow. 

I will help you step back, evaluate, prioritise.

I will also simply take tasks off your hands.

If it's marketing, content, social media, strategic planning or finding the right organisational structure to find momentum - let’s get unstuck and organise the next step forward.

Megan Perry - Head of Communication, Sustainable Food

''Clare has a unique and beautiful ability to hold space for others, creating a loving environment for creativity, expression and personal journeys and growth."​

​Jeanne-Marie Aerts - Kinesiologist Reiki Master BFRP

Clare is kind, nurturing, efficient, organised, professional and an absolute pleasure to work with.''

Paul Booker – Chair of Dorset Young Enterprise

‘'A planner, organiser and developer of processes and people, whilst being the most inspirational and fun leader’'​

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