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I offer a dedicated safe space to open and expand your self awareness, explore, self reflect, clarify and create your next level reality.

You are seen, heard, and so very welcome here.


A space for accelerated transformation.

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We will use a bespoke blend of Self Development modalities and tools that fit your life.

Whilst held in a structured container, there is space to be fluid, organic and creative.

I'm driven by collaboration. 



Deep Dive Focus 90 day Journey:


Vision - Focus - Accountability

This three month intensive container is for you if you are ready dedicate to go next level. 

90 days is the sweet spot where you will suddenly realise everything has changed for you..

Get clarity on your vision, find your centre, stay grounded, and get laser-focused to actually achieve the goals you lovingly imagine. This is where it begins, now your world has shifted - and you're going to call it into your reality. 

In just 30 days,

You'll have a clear vision and know the steps you need to take to get there. You’ll be feeling supported and capable, able to find your centre and the structure and groundedness you've been looking for. You'll start to witness the changes, find your groove and get into the vibe.

After 60 days,

You'll start to reap the rewards of committing to yourself.

You'll be way more self-aware, your confidence in your ability and decision-making will grow faster than you imagined.

You'll start to trust your intuition more and more, becoming less derailed by other people. You'll be more focused on your thing, using time-blocking techniques and strategies that keep you on track. Our accountability system will help you stay on top of your goals, celebrating your progress each week.

After 90 days,

You realise your behaviour patterns have become second nature. You've rewired your mindset, noticing that you just don't get triggered the way you used to. Your emotions and reactions are balanced. You feel so much lighter and enthusiastic - things just don't feel so heavy. 

You'll feel less impatient and frustrated, trusting your intuition enough to see the opportunities and know when the time is right to say ‘yes.'


I’ll be supporting you with self-care, focus, organisation and time management, inspiring and motivating you every step of the way.

I can't wait to see you thrive!

£2222 for a three month container (pay in one, two or three)


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Monthly Milestone Package:

1:1 weekly dedicated deep dive into your world each week, involving:

Reflection - Reflect on your week/month: celebrate wins, draw insights, and refine your heart centred vision.

Clarity - Gain clarity on your goals. Identify & organise the specific next steps for the upcoming week/month. Let's get tactical!

Commitment - Create your weekly/monthly commitment ritual, routine and scheduling.

Holding space with weekly accountability and dedicated Monthly Milestone  review and ritual.

£555 per month

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Weekly Coach & Accountability:

1:1 weekly dedicated support calls & action summary.

Reflection & Vision - Reflect on your week: celebrate wins, draw insights, get clear on your heart centred vision.

Clarity - Gain more clarity on your direction, and what is lighting you up right now. Identify and organise the next steps.

Commitment - Create space & schedule your weekly commitment ritual, routine and action. We will check for a weekly accountability routine. 

£111 per call

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Business Start-up Package:


Bring that dream to life!


We can start from scratch, or we can expand on your foundation.

From visioning to tactical planning, refining your branding, strategy, marketing, launch, scheduling, budgeting, we can cover it all. 

I'll be your weekly accountability support to incubate from seed to blossoming!

Full package at £1500, contact me for a bespoke solution for you.

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Business Development

Freelance consultancy & hands on support for your:


Content Writing

Social Media 

Strategic Planning

Structure & Organising

What's needed in your business to move forward from the plateau? 

If you need hands on consultancy and support for your brand or company - let's talk.

£55 p/h

Contact me

Contact me

I'd love to hear from you

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