One to One


I offer one to one support as a business, personal, spiritual development consultant and mentor.


But we are talking real business here - what drives you, and why. When you shine, your business shines.

So I work intuitively with you. I am here to see you and hear you, using a truly holistic approach to combine and align mind/body and spirit into your business and daily life.

I have a deep understanding of what it means to serve your purpose, combined with practical knowledge of the steps you can take to make it happen. I offer a full bespoke support package depending on your needs - from your self care and lifestyle, through to your business start up, launch and after care - and I've got your back the whole way through. 


We can work on business planning, scheduling, strategy, content writing and marketing.

We will also work on motivation, lifestyle, mindset and imagination. It's not meant to be a chore - it's meant to be fun!

I have a unique approach that will encourage your light heartedness and joy. It's time to take business to a new level of raised consciousness, allow our authenticity, spirit and passion to shine, and attract more of that into our world and into our business. Let's step up and serve the people we are here to serve, with integrity and passion. I'll help you break that down step by step and build your business in a way that supports your whole lifestyle. The life you were actually born to live. 

Then your people are drawn to your unique magnetism and abundance appears like magic right before you.

Because now your mindset is shifting. 

The most integral aspect of your business is YOU. Every business has a unique voice, colour and essence, that is yours and that is the magnetism that radiates to 'your' people.

Contact me for an informal chat about where you are at and I can tailor something to fit you perfectly. 

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Women's Group

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A community founded by spiritual women in business, for spiritual women in business.

Organise your energy & harness your gifts

You are a multi-dimensional being on a mission. It’s time to alchemise the blocks in your path and accomplish your soul’s purpose.


We are a group of spiritually led entrepreneurs, guides, and coaches who were brought together in true divine orchestration. Together, we amplify and expand our gifts and realise we are able to combine our modalities to support others in unblocking, activating, and successfully accomplishing their soul’s purpose. 


Together we transmute old patterns into the fuel that quantum leaps us into living our true path, our highest and best life’s expression.

We are here with a shared mission and vision.


The Journey Alchemist Collective is founded by myself, Angela, Meena and Rachael. Each month provides an integrative productivity and soul alchemy session, an ancient woman’s wisdom session, a human design session, and a transformational hypnotherapy session along with four focused support sessions and all the support we provide as guides to your journey in between sessions.

Find out more and meet the ladies at