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One to One


I hold one to one dedicated space to support your self development.

Tell me what lights you up, share your dreams and desires and lets take inspired action. 

When you shine, your business shines. Your home shines. Your relationships shine.

I work intuitively with a keen interest in your life, to see you and hear you, using a truly holistic approach to combine and align mind/body and spirit into your business and daily life.

I have a deep understanding of what it means to serve your purpose, combined with practical knowledge of the steps you can take to make it happen. I offer a full bespoke support package depending on your needs - from your self care and lifestyle, through to micro tasking and prioritising your business non negotiabes. I've got your back the whole way. 


We can work on visioning, business planning, scheduling, strategy, content and marketing.

We will also work on motivation, lifestyle, mindset and imagination. It's not meant to be a chore - it's meant to be fun!

Let's step up and serve the people we are here to serve, with integrity and passion. I'll help you break that down step by step and build your business in a way that supports your whole lifestyle. 

The most integral aspect of your business is YOU.

Every business has a unique voice, colour and essence, that is yours and that is the magnetism that radiates to 'your' people.

Show them who you are. 

Get Your Focus On

I work with the mighty Momentum Dash who are experts in the Mindful Productivity game. 

Here is a free taster of a dedicated productivity session using the Momentum Dash Pomodoro timer.

In the first ten minutes I guide you to clear the mind and focus on a singular task, to visualise your future self achieving this one task and to focus on the positive impact it might have.

We then deep dive into 30 minutes of dedicated focus, after which I invite you to reflect on your experience and how it felt to dedicate that time to yourself. I emphasise the importance of this exercise for improving focus and encouraged daily repetition, even if just for half an hour a day. 

Crush the distraction.

Empowered Yoga Teacher Training 

In Association with Soulpreneur Yoga

A comprehensive 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

with Hillary Atalina

in the Jungles of Costa Rica 
March 18 - April 6 2024

This yoga training is designed for the passionate practitioner looking to cultivate a positive change in their life. It’s for the seeker, who wants to delve deeper into the practices, teachings, and philosophies of yoga.


This program is for women to EMPOWER themselves to build a life that supports them mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially.

I offer Empowerment coaching as part of this stunning program.

Check out the free Masterclass below which takes you on a journey of the power of the elements within YOU. 

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