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Crossing into the Unknown: Holistic ways of Sustaining Vitality through Change

Dear Go-Getters and Life Enthusiasts,

I write this as I plan my next digital nomad experience from the UK to India!

Taking the action steps to prepare for the unknown seems like a paradox - but that's life right?!

I wonder how we can make a real impact on the world unless we often take brave steps into unknown territory, explore and experience the full flavour of life and share it with others.

Often you may find yourself grappling with distractions, impatience, or frustration while pursuing your big mission?

Put simply, I believe everything boils down to the choices we make every day and our intention behind the decision. The more we practice, the more we realise that the keys to success lie within.

Embrace the Power of Ownership.

Decide, act, and finish – these are the mantras of champions.

Embracing ownership of your dreams and goals sets you on the path to actual greatness, and higher potential. Big words and simple truths.

Dedicating time to self development allows us to pause, contemplate and explore how stepping up into the higher version of yourself empowers you to turn your vision into reality through inspired action. These are more than just words, a dream and a plan are great - but without inspired action, how do we actually get stuff done and execute a plan?

Cultivate Mind, Body & Spirit

A holistic approach is the cornerstone of lasting success.

Holistic is the Whole Self. Train your mind to focus, nurture your body's well-being, and awaken your spirit's potential. Over the years I've lived out the transformative impact of self-regulation and self-care through daily practices and rituals.

These practices empower us to process emotions, eliminate mental chatter, and raise our frequency to some next-level potential.

Conquer the Chaos

Time Management and Organisation were things I rebelled against massively after I left Corporate London. I wanted to embrace my free spirited ways and 'go with the flow'.

I eventually learned that whilst this was excellent for the vision, I was way less productive. The fact is that if we want to contribute to society, we do to some extent, need to play the game a little. At least if we give ourselves some routine and structure, we get more aware of how we are spending our time and energy.

In a fast-paced world full of information and external stimuli and distraction, especially if we are juggling a busy home and business, organising the seemingly impossible tasks into a manageable schedule is a superpower. It took some negotiating with my inner teenage rebel to get into some effective time management techniques and scheduling again. But what I did find is that I was able to create the space I need to thrive, increase productivity, and remain focused on my deep purpose.

By having time blocks and pomadoro timers set for 'non negotiables' - I soon found I was actually moving the needle significantly on the things I actually wanted to achieve. After a few weeks of momentum, I saw real progress (I recommend the 12 Week Year for some excellent scheduling and goal setting tips).

Finding Stability in Wellness

Grounded, focused, and organised. Feeling happy, fulfilled and free – these attributes stem from a foundation of wellness, and don't we all want this?

Self-care is a buzz word right now, and with good reason as society is waking up in terms of self awareness and taking ownership for their own health and happiness.

Simply maintaining a wholesome daily life can serve as the bedrock of your personal and professional growth. Taking good care of yourself is the baseline key to making a lasting impact on the world around us, and we all want to leave a positive legacy.

The Catalyst of Support and Accountability

Even the most driven souls benefit from support and accountability.

As a fellow enthusiast for life, I insist on having accountability partners and co-working groups and programs to support me on staying on track with the things that mean the most to me - personally and professionally.

We are a product of our environment, and those we spend time with. So it's critical we spend time with people who inspire and uplift us. I always find this is a reciprocal process and intentionally seek out my tribe, as I know we create amazing stuff together. There is a collective resonance that we are tapping into here, and it's all for the greater good.

In the grand tapestry of life, you are the creator, the master of your destiny - it is your creation, your choice.

I totally embrace the journey with excitement and a sense of adventure. Armed with determination, self-regulation, and the power of community, we navigate the obstacles and carve a path of success.

I decided to embark on a journey far East, as I always dreamed that 'one day' maybe I would. Recently I realised that I don't need to wait for 'one day. When is 'one day' anyway?

Is there a 'one day' that you are waiting for?

Take one step each day.

Our time to shine is now!

I offer 1:1 coaching, mentoring and accountability - find me at

I also run daily group Co-working Focus Sessions with the mighty Momentum Dash - get a free 21 day trial here.

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