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Landing & recalibration in unknown digital nomad territory.

cows on the beach in Goa
Patnem Beach

Hello India!

Even though I am advised that Goa is not the 'real India', I consciously chose the region for a gentle landing. Simply because yes, I do want the dream lifestyle of sunshine and beaches and the opportunity for winter sun, as I've never spent a full winter away from home.

Landing in Mumbai was my first taste of chaos, colour and confusion, as I was herded from queue to queue with hundreds of equally confused passengers. Some of us simply visibly surrendered to the process, others clearly very jittery.

Ok, Clare now is the time to remember to breathe, hydrate, and repeat a mantra!

Already I was beginning to realise the extent that my daily self care practices would play on this journey, and why I felt so called to travel so far. I have nothing to prove, but I do love exploring the threshold of the unknown. Plus - I follow my intuition, and every step since booking the flight has just felt right, a full body 'yes', even if my mind has been full on arguing with me.

I've been utterly blessed with the most amazing apartment and some incredible local connections which honestly without them, even getting a SIM card and supplies would have been a major mission. I never intended to travel East before Monsoon ended but the flow brought me here anyway and I trust it.

This is causing me to reflect inwardly next level, and finding even more respect for my peers.

Laptop with sea view
Digital nomad dream

Living a digital nomad lifestyle takes some back bone, particularly as a lone ranger. But I've been so inspired by 'if they can - I can', plus the spirit of my Mum is always telling me I can achieve anything I set my sights on.

So whilst we obviously love to post our magnificent office views and adventures, it's really a constant dance of inner discovery as well as an exciting exploration of the world.

I'm a lover of non attachment and non duality, which really supports my often over active mental state. The fact is, we have a body, and being in that body of 'self' holds boundless opportunity for growth and evolution - not just our own but for the world around us. We radiate what we feel. So self reflection, self awareness, self regulation, self discipline are a lot of 'self', and all essential dynamic aspects of the digital nomad lifestyle that I am learning to love.

Having faith in our ability to adapt to new climates, new environments, different cultures.

Mastering the art of getting outside the comfort zone.

Stepping courageously into the unknown, into the abyss of possibilty and freedom can either be masively daunting and even terrifying - or it can be an ocean of potential and possibility. It is really a constant dynamic navigation of the inner landscape as much as the outer.

There are moments when my mind kicks in and questions everything, with 'what if' and 'what am I doing'?! Within the first week I was already missing my beloved home town of Glastonbury with it's familiarity and friendships. I was too hot, tired, heart broken by hungry howling dogs. I had an upset stomach and too many mosquito bites.

So now is the time to really walk my talk really isn't it!

So I bring it back to simplicity. Just the next step. Just the next hour. There is no rush, gently does it.

I recall when I moved to Glastonbury with a van and no plan - I had no idea what was in store. When I fled from home at 16, I had no idea what was next.

Each time I have leapt, the world had caught me and held me.

I've come to realise commitment is not a scary thing, it's a necessary daily choice.

motivational quote and water
Commit to Courage

So, as I am all about inspiring and being inspired, it would seem worthy to share some of the things I do to regulate and optimise this lifestyle:

- Have a strong specific daily spiritual and physical practice.

In the morning, I hydrate, get daylight and movement within the first hour of waking. The effect of daylight in balancing our hormones has a massive impact on the day.

- Grounding and Earthing

I get bare feet every day, to connect and calibrate with the earth frequency/schuman resonance. This balances and calms my nervous system and reminds me I am connected to the earth.

- Digital Nomads still need a scheduled work routine.

I schedule and time block set days and times that I focus on work and screen time. This way my clients know when I am available (and when I am not), and by time blocking sessions dedicated to work in my calendar, and specific 'to do' tasks - I can switch off and explore new places or rest if I need to. I use a pomodoro timer and music I can focus to for these dedicated sessions.

- Mix familiar with the unfamiliar.

Crystals and ornaments of dieties
A mini sacred space to centre

It may seem ridiculous to some, but even at age 47 my childhood teddy bear travels with me, and so does my favourite pillow case. This satisfies and soothes my inner child when I am wobbly in the unknown. I also have a little comfort pouch ehich has some tiny crystals and dieties so I can set up a mini altar to create a sacred space that I can 'enter' morning and evening. To give simple thanks for the day.

- Hydrate and keep a healthy (ish) diet.

smoothie bowl fruits and laptop
Working lunch

Hydration is key, whether it's hot or not! We are over 60% made of water, it is our life giving element.

Diet wise, I keep an 80/20% rule, I can't lie, I like a slice of something tasty, but I am also conscious that my body needs the good nutrients to keep my gut happy.

- I connect with like minded people.

Considering I am a 'people person', this can actually be a challenge for me as I am independant, love my own company and I struggle with small talk. But - we are social beings and we need the connection, so travelling for me creates the perfect opportunity not to isolate, as I need the support of other people and also find people's stories fascinating and inspiring once I do engage. It's a vulnerable space for a woman travelling alone, but it's also a big lesson in discernment!

- Travel consciously.

I consider the environment, am I being respectful, ethical, am I contributing to the community - however that looks. Kindness is magnetic and reciprocal wherever we go. Carrying this level of conscious self awareness keeps me balanced.

sunset at Patnem beach
Golden Hour Light

I've now been in Goa for a week and feel very grateful I chose to come before the season opens. It's giving me a chance to aclimatise and I'm in no rush to push myself to explore India and do all the things that so many people think I should do! I noticed I released the 'shoulds' - thanks to my coaches and mentors who are masters at this.

Ultimately, every moment is a choice and opportunity to reflect on the way we live our lives, find our happiness, and impact the world.

Are we choosing courage or comfort, faith or doubt?

My remote work currently consists of 1:1 coaching with entrepreneurs & executives, and freelance writing and social media. I collaborate with like minded passionate people because I know the impact we make. Find me at

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