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Crossing a Threshold

May 5, 2023. The 5/5 Portal. The Eclipse. The Full Moon. Beltain.

It’s all happening up there, out here and it’s all happening inside us too.

This is a time of unprecedented change. We keep hearing it, and we keep experiencing it. Personally, collectively, it’s happening. This is another rare cosmic event that will impact us all: a total lunar eclipse occurring during the full moon. This cosmic event has multi layered implications, and it is wise to be aware of what this means for us and how we can take care of ourselves during this time.

Astrologically, the lunar eclipse and full moon is creating a powerful energy that will bring about significant changes in our lives, like it or not.

We have to cross another threshold.

We have to cross over, into the unknown.

We have to trust it is safe, we have got this, and actually - it's going to be amazing.

It is a time of heightened emotions, and we will highly likely experience intense feelings arising to be seen – all the doubts, anxiety, restlessness, and uncertainty. The energy of the full moon is associated with releasing and letting go, while the energy of the eclipse is associated with new beginnings and transformations.

It can also be a time of heightened senses, heightened pleasure, heightened ecstasy even.

So it’s likely we will be directly confronted with aspects of ourselves that we need to release to make space for new growth and transformation. We need to make time for that – it can’t be done whilst multi tasking, your higher self is asking you to be present.

Be brave, be with yourself.

We can choose to work with this energy.

Slow down, check within, tune into our higher selves and our celestial entourage.

Get fully present and grounded in the body, get to know ourselves even more. Dare you?

Esoterically, the lunar eclipse and full moon energy is a time of extreme heightened spiritual activity. It is said that the ‘veil’ between our world and the spiritual realm is thin, making it easier for us to connect with the subtle unseen realms, our higher selves, spirit guides, allies and angels.

Can you make time to simply listen?

It is a certain opportunity for us to really deeply tune into our intuition and receive spiritual guidance to help us navigate the changes that are coming.

To take super good care of ourselves during this time, it is necessary to carve time to meditate, journal, and reflect on our thoughts and feelings. We can really use this time to juice up our internal power banks, because soon we will use the momentum and motivation to ride the wave and go for it!

It is also important to engage in activities that promote relaxation and calm and nourish our nervous system. So movement, creativity (however that looks for you), or spending time in nature. It may be simple rest – you know what you need, when you ask yourself.

Hydrate well and breathe deep.

By really nourishing and taking care of ourselves, we can stay grounded and centered during this time of transformation and make the most of the spiritual guidance that is available to us.

Have no doubt it is absolutely available to us, right here and now.

These changes and energies could otherwise leave us a bit frazzled as we push to get the things done when there could be a deep urge to rest. We will likely feel the need to release, emotionally and in other ways.

Now is the time to release and burn away the old unhealthy and unnecessary.

Tie up loose ends.

Now is NOT the time to start anything brand new – let that simmer, especially if you are confused. It’s going to ease and clarity will come, trust that.

Uncertainty and instability, chaos and mess, all come during great change and transmutation. Shake it off, walk, dance, sing, play! Remember to keep it light.

We can navigate these changes with grace and ease and emerge stronger and more aligned with our higher selves – if we choose to.

Own that choice if you really want to step it up a notch. Know you are supported. This period in time is unique and we can use it to shift us into the new timelines we know deeply to be true.

As above, so below. As within, so without.

Bring simple magic & ritual into every day business!

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