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A New Cycle of Self Love

Here begins another moon cycle, another month.

April, my friends - April!!

Time and tides are changing for sure. Today is a full moon which always illuminates our inner crazy and keeps things edgy.

Start ten things and finish none?

Got the will to get stuff done so full steam ahead round in circles you go?

Spring is here in the Northern hemisphere and we have our internal impulses all firing up. So whilst we have the drive to 'do', this also means toxins are leaving the system. This can manifest itself in many ways, mental and physical.

The mental loops can get really excessive, and the stress affects sleep, eating patterns and relationships feel the strain.

So now, really, It's time to take a look at yourself and love on you.

Full power loving.

Your vitality, health and wealth depend on you.

So, with that, my favourite topic right now is the importance of making healthy choices and taking responsibility for our own health.

Our daily practices have a significant impact on our overall well-being, and it's up to us to make the right decisions that promote a healthy and happy life.

This doesn't mean be an overnight enlightened yogi or setting your sights on an unrealistic outcome.

The stories in our head don't serve us. The outcome is not within our control. Rooting ourselves is getting grounded, being present, getting into the body, getting well. Getting really, really well.

Then we love the journey, regardless of the outcome.

This all means making conscious choices that prioritise our physical, mental, and emotional health. We can do this by taking a good honest look at where w