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40 Years of Reshaping a Midlife Crisis

What is mid life? Say 40 to 50 on a really broad inconclusive scale?

Women, men and environmental factors are going to come into it of course. We all have our own wonderful unique lens through which we experience our world.

But the point is, why is midlife deemed such a crisis?

Is your cup full or empty? Is midlife the beginning of decline and decay? Or could it be the beginning of a magical phase of life?

Yes, the fact is – we are not getting any younger. We are not getting out alive either. Our mortality becomes apparent. Questioning the limitations and society conditioning becomes apparent. Reclaiming some of that misspent youth, suppressed childhood, joy and pleasure you forgot or never knew how to have. Claiming back the power that you just know is real and true, and nothing is going to dull that.

Where exactly is the crisis in that?

Apparently psychologist Elliott Jaques introduced the term "midlife crisis" based on clinical studies of patients dealing with depression and anxiety about getting older. Since then it’s been associated with divorcee’s buying sports cars, dating younger people, and ‘the change’ for women battling hot flushes and longing for the bodies that flaunt on Love Island. </